Thursday, 10 August 2017

Days Out In Devon: The British Fireworks Championships

Thanks to the very gorgeous Salty Dog I managed to wangle a corporate hospitality ticket for day one of the British Fireworks Championships at Plymouth last night.  If you're ever on holiday down this way in August it's worth seeing.   Over two evenings six teams compete to put on the best pyrotechnics.  It was really rather wonderful.  At a time of austerity I'm sure that they'd be those who'd argue against loads of money literally going up in smoke.   I'd disagree. For these marvellous displays bring joy to so many souls as once.

I didn't take huge amounts of photo and most of mine were pants anyway.  So here's Salty Dog's video of  Competitor's Number 3 showstopping effort.  Yes that's definitely me that you can hear doing some of that whooping!


  1. Each Friday during September the world championships are held in the next town along from me, it's a great free event.

    1. Wow! The world championships. Now that might be even cooler! xx

  2. I lead a sheltered life - I was unaware that there were firework competitions! I wish they made silent ones though. xx